Holiday Crochet,

When I am at home I crochet mostly in the evenings after my full time day job, I occasionally crochet during the weekend, although to be honest I try to avoid so as to make sure I get to spend some quality time with the husband.

On holiday however, a whole new rule book comes in to play. I think one of the greatest successes of my and Mark’s marriage is we both give each other time to do our own things, he does his biking (push not motor- apparently it’s quite important to point that out!) I love my crochet, we are currently on holiday in Devon, we first met 23 years ago in Devon (North) – we are currently in the South – but the (and sorry for using this word, it won’t happen often) ‘vibe’ is very similar, totally and utterly relaxed!

I have awoken in the morning each day, Mark is out for a bike ride with my cousin in law, I open the curtains, I get a brew, I open the patio doors (yes it’s warm enough!) and I crochet, this morning before breakfast I did 2 rabbit legs and half a rabbit ear!)

I have taken it on the beach and crocheted between dips (up to knees only – I am not that wild!) in the sea, I have sat in the evenings with a gin and tonic and cheese board and even crocheted before lights out at night, I have made 1 x sheep, 7/8 of a frog (just missing 4 rather tricksy feet!) and 3/4 of a rabbit, just need to stuff the head and sew together!

I am hoping to get them finished before the end of the holiday so I can get some pictures of them enjoying the seaside!

No, I am not totally bonkers, I know they cannot actually enjoy the sea, they are stuffed toys, but, they each have a bit of me in there (figuratively, not literally!) from the kink in an ear, to the wrinkle of a nose to the angle of the head, they are, quite rightly – like us, uniquely individual.

Clare x

We stayed in Beachcomber cottage, in Hope Cove – sleeps 8 and has direct access to the beach!

Just behind the cottage is The Cove cafe bar, great beer, great gins and amazing food!

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